The electrification of heat

24 lutego 2022

The theory of electrified heating is simple – to use cleaner, renewable electricity to heat our homes. As the electricity grid is decarbonising rapidly – see Figure 1: (Electricity generation by quarter and fuel source, showing fall of coal and increase in renewables in recent years. Source: Ofgem) heating homes using electric heating technologies has already become a viable low carbon alternative. 

However, an argument exists that because the cost of kWh of energy from electricity is currently higher than gas, choosing electrification for heating risks increasing household energy bills. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has identified major reasons why household electricity bills are often higher than gas bills: additional taxes and levies as well as carbon taxes are placed on electricity which are absent from domestic gas bills. CCC, Citizens Advice, Policy Connect and Onward are all recommending that this is reviewed. 

Electrification of heat does not only mean we will swap our gas or oil boilers to another form of electric heating technology. A significant upgrade to the existing infrastructure will be required to reinforce power grid, increase generating technology and digitalise the infrastructure to make the system smarter and more efficient. 

At Alternative Heating Solutions we’re already looking at providing a whole house approach and offer our customers a variety of solutions to make the electric heating technologies suitable for most properties. Other than conventional air source heat pumps, supplied through Microgeneration Certification Scheme with the benefit of Renewable Heat Incentive, we also provide infrared heating, Exhaust Air Heat Pumps, solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic panels for microgeneration.