Installing Cutting-Edge Sustainable Heating Solutions

Alternative Heating Solutions is a family-run business built by a highly experienced contractor passionate about renewable heating systems. Below are what we believe to be the best affordable methods of heating your home sustainably. My experienced team and I are proud to be installing these renewable heating systems around Essex and the wider UK.

If any of these services appeal to you then please give us a call to learn more, or book an appointment for a free survey and suitability assessment.

We can help you discover the most affordable and efficient means of reducing your household carbon footprint, and probably your energy bills too.

  • Exhaust Air Heat Pump Installation

    Microgeneration Certification Scheme accredited, Alternative Heating Solutions is a Daikin and Samsung approved installer and are able to install air heat pumps produced by other manufacturers.

    Exhaust air heat pump installation can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on your energy bills. Absorbing heat from waste air as it exits the home, exhaust air heat pumps trap and convert this into useful heat energy for domestic water.

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  • Passive Ventilation

    Ventilation in your home is highly important. Not only does circulating air keep your home smelling fresh, but it’s also important for health. Better air quality energises us, makes us more alert and helps us to breathe deeper. With more of us more frequently working from home it’s more important than ever to keep our homes ventilated. Passive ventilation uses natural hot air and wind energy to keep airflow regulated, extracting stale air and replenishing it with fresh air.

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  • Solar Thermal Energy

    Alternative Heating Solutions install solar thermal energy panels able to heat domestic hot water. Reducing your carbon footprint and your annual energy bill, solar thermal energy is a proven sustainable method that works alongside traditional systems, to provide a greener solution to water heating in your home.

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  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) with optional battery storage

    Solar photovoltaic energy converts light into electricity and works particularly well with our electric renewable heating systems. Not only can this save you money but there is potentially the option to sell your excess electricity back to the board. Sleek in design and a declaration of your commitment to saving the planet, solar photovoltaic panels are quick and simple for us to install and can start harnessing natural energy to fuel your house immediately.

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  • Infrared Home Heating

    Whether you’re looking to more effectively heat just one room, or completely switch over to renewable heating systems, infrared film heating is a simple and yet effective method of sustainably heating your home.

    Alternative Heating Solutions is proud to be the sole UK-based approved installer for Red Snake infrared heating films. Highly trained, experienced and family-run, we safely install infrared home heating solutions in Essex and surrounding areas.

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