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Alternative Heating Solutions is a trusted installer of whole house sustainable heating systems. Dedicated to bringing reliable, sustainable heating to homes across the UK, AHS is partnered with leading manufacturers at the forefront of renewable energy.


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Sustainable Heating Solutions

With a holistic approach, we design and install whole-house heating and ventilation systems.

Benefits of our sustainable heating solutions include:

Pioneering technology

Infrared heating technology targets thermal heating at people and objects, rather than air, which is a far superior method of heating.


No moving parts means no need for maintenance. In addition, infrared heating provides ambient heat without provoking air circulation, meaning no dust disturbance – a notable benefit for asthma sufferers.

No more radiators

Heat your home from your ceiling, under your flooring or from behind your walls. Not only does this provide whole surface thermal heating, but it also negates the need for radiators.

Gas alternatives

With 14% of UK greenhouse gases emitted from our homes, it’s essential we move away from fossil fuels. Our whole-house sustainable heating solution, including passive ventilation, can make your home heating net-zero carbon.


Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

Alternative Heating Solutions is an approved installer under the Government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive. This incentive, now running until March 2022, allows homeowners to claim up to £9,100 towards renewable heating costs.

Installing sustainable heating in your home could enable you to qualify for financial support through the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. Use the Renewable Heat Incentive Calculator to find out how much you might claim.


Installing Cutting-Edge Sustainable Heating Solutions

Working with leading manufacturers, Alternative Heating Solutions is proud to provide you with cutting-edge innovative heat technology. From highly effective, easily hidden Infrared Heating Films to our Exhaust Air Heat Pump,  able to absorb and redirect heat from waste air as it leaves your property. Discover more about our sophisticated sustainable heating services.  

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Exhaust Air Heat Pump Installation

Reduce your carbon footprint and save money on energy bills with our Exhaust Air Heat Pump installation service. Air Heat Pumps extract ambient heat from outside air and redirect it to heat your home. They can even be used to generate hot water and work as a hybrid alongside conventional boilers.

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Passive Ventilation

Use natural hot air and wind energy to keep airflow regulated in your home. Extracting stale air and replenishing it with fresh air. Not only does circulating air keep your home smelling fresh, but it’s also important for air quality and therefore health.

Solar Thermal Energy

Is there anything more natural than taking in the sun’s heat and transferring it into energy? We don’t think so. That’s why we install Solar Thermal Energy panels to heat water in your home. Whilst a backup system is still essential, solar thermal energy can heat an average of 50-60% of your water every year, drastically reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) with optional battery storage

Converting light into electricity, Solar Photovoltaic is natural and yet highly sophisticated. Not only does this renewable energy solution reduce your carbon footprint but it can also significantly reduce your electric bills.

Infrared Home Heating

No gas, no noise, no vibrations, no maintenance and no need for radiators – That’s what infrared home heating film technology provides. These highly efficient heating systems are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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Alternative Heating Solutions work with a wide variety of clients.

In recent years, sustainable heating systems have developed to become more accessible to a wider variety of buildings, be they new or even older listed properties. If we’re truly going to bring our carbon footprint down enough to reverse the effects of climate change, then we need to make all homes and commercial buildings energy efficient. 

New Build Residential

It’s our hope that all new build residential homes in the UK will soon be built with sustainable heating as standard. We’ve been involved in installing whole-house heating systems in many new homes. Incorporating a blend of environmentally friendly systems including infrared heating, passive ventilation, solar energy and air heat pumps, we can create truly energy-efficient low-carbon homes, that will also save future homeowners money on their energy bills.

Get in touch if you’d like to hear more about our new build residential heating installation.

Refurbishment / Conversion / Retrofitting

As it becomes more and more necessary for the world to go greener before climate change becomes irreversible, many of us are actively seeking to reduce our carbon footprint. The home is an excellent place to start. However, many homeowners are understandably concerned that substantial changes to their home heating systems could be unaffordable. Plus, let’s be honest, renewable energy hasn’t always had the best reputation. However, the advancement of technology has meant that eco-friendly energy has come a long way and is now not only reliable but frequently superior to fossil fuel reliant energy. Infrared heating, for example, targets people and objects rather than air. So is preferable for creating an ambient home Alternative Heating Solutions’ expertise means we are able to redesign your home heating system, often at a significantly lower cost than you might imagine. The efficiency of these solutions also means you’re likely to reduce your energy bills in the long term.

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Alternative Heating Solutions is proud to be helping commercial properties become more sustainable. By switching to alternative energy, commercial businesses can reduce their operating costs. YouGov research in 2021 found that over half of UK consumers are influenced by businesses’ green credentials when making purchases. So not being sustainable is not only ethical but is also beginning to affect profitability. If you’re looking to make your business more sustainable, then your premises is an excellent place to start.

To find out more about switching your commercial premises to sustainable heating, contact us today.

Care Sector

Alternative Heating Solutions are proud to be assisting the care sector in their move to sustainable heating. Taking care of elderly and vulnerable people, heating efficiency is of paramount importance in the care sector. Professional, experienced and reliable, we are the ideal team to install your alternative heating solutions. With a wealth of knowledge, we will advise you as to the very best heating solutions that will create a consistent ambient temperate for care home residents, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and likely your energy bills too.

Book a free assessment for a care home residence today.

Our projects


New build bungalow fitted with our infrared underfloor heating to living space, kitchen, hall and bathroom, and ceiling heating to bedrooms. Exhaust Air Heat Pump providing hot water in a renewable manner. The customer also fitted solar PV and battery to extend their use of renewable energy.

Our projects

Duffield Drive

Our infrared heating have been installed to a property already benefiting from solar PV installation. This installation provided the comfort of low build-up underfloor heating (6mm overall thickness) and also maximised the use of renewable energy from solar. All controlled by our wi-fi thermostats, so the home owner can switch the heating on from their phone wherever they are in the world.

Our projects


A complete refurbishment of a timber framed bungalow in need of TLC. This property was originally heated by electric overnight storage heaters. The customer have decided to remove these old and bulky heaters and install our revolutionary underfloor heating throughout the property. All now being controlled by intelligent Wi-Fi thermostats providing excellent control over heating in every room.

Our projects


Our infrared heating have been installed at this terraced house into ceilings. This solution provided the comfort of infrared and ease of installation by over boarding existing ceilings. We have also installed a flexible chimney liner and a wood burning stove to provide additional source of naturally renewable source of heat.

Our projects


On this project we have installed our infrared heating to an existing end of terrace property. The customer’s desire was to replace their existing floor coverings whilst adding the benefit of an underfloor heating at the same time. Our system could do exactly that, as the whole build-up is only 6mm, including our premium insulated underlay!

Our projects

House, Colchester

The customer was looking to refurbish their living room and removed their non-functioning gas fireplace. They still wanted to benefit from additional source of comfort heat therefore decided to install our wall heating product. Red Snake infrared heating foil is only 0.4mm thick and can be accommodated between wall studs or ceiling joists with ease. Hidden behind the plasterboard finish and controlled by Wi-Fi thermostats providing the comfort of far-infrared heating at the click of a button!

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Smart Heating Installation in The UK

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