Infrared Home Heating Solution

Reduce your carbon footprint and monthly heating costs

Whether you’re looking to more effectively heat just one room, or completely switch over to a renewable energy supply, infrared film heating is a simple and yet effective way to sustainably heat your home. Alternative Heating Solutions are proud to be the sole approved installer for Red Snake infrared heating films. Highly trained, experienced and family-run, we safely install infrared home heating solutions in Essex and surrounding areas.

An Efficient Home Heating Solution

At just 0.4mm thick, infrared films provide an invisible heating system that can be hidden beneath your floors, behind plasterboard in your walls or underneath your ceilings. Negating the need for clunky radiators that take up considerable wall space, infrared technology provides whole surface heating. This method targets people and objects, as opposed to air which is far more effective for providing warmth, with less energy required.

A Reliable Home Heating Solution

What’s more, Red Snake heating films come with a 25-year warranty. Not that you’re likely to need it – with no moving parts ongoing maintenance is not required once installed. No more worrying that your boiler may need replacing or that you’ll be paying out for servicing and new parts. Infrared home heating is both efficient and reliable. Furthermore, because infrared home heating solutions are silent and vibration-free, dust is not circulated around the home as with conventional heating systems. This reduces the ability of dust to get into your airways and lungs which is especially advantageous for asthma sufferers.

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Red Snake infrared heating foil is constructed from thin layers of materiał bonded together to create a strong and durable heating foil. The carbon layer acts as a primary heating element and is a whole surface heat emitter. The overall structure comprises several layers of synthetic materials that prevent moisture ingress, protecting the copper conductors from oxidization, impeding performance. Heat is generated via infrared radiation, providing ambient heat. without creating convection, as traditional radiators or wet underfloor systems do, so doesn’t cause dust to circulate – a positive benefit for asthma sufferers! Furthermore, Red Snake has no moving parts or liquids and so is both silent and doesn’t cause vibrations. Available with various finishes, Red Snake is suitable for both ceilings and floors.

  1. strengthening layer
  2. pet foil
  3. reinforcing textile
  4. pet foil
  5. PU
  6. cooper busbar
  7. silver busbar
  8. carbon
  9. PU
  10. pet foil
  11. strengthening layer


HF-RS 150W HF-RS 220W HF-RS 400W
foil thickness 0,45 mm 0,45 mm 0,45 mm
roll width 2 x 50 cm 2 x 50 cm 3 x 30 cm
roll length 75 m 75 m 75 m
roll weight 57,7 kg 51,7 kg 52,6 kg
HF-RS 150 HF-RS 220 HF-RS 400
voltage 230V 230V 230V
power 150W/m2 220W/m2 400W/m2
power tolerance ±10% ±10% ±10%
lngress Protection Code IP41 IP41 IP41
maximum single panel length 7 m 6 m 3.3 m
HF-RS 150 HF-RS 220 HF-RS 400
designated fitting floor floor ceiling/wall
maximum temperature 50°C 60°C 80°C
working temperature 30°C 40°C 60°C
temperature probe yes yes yes
efficiency 99% 99% 99%

Ceiling mounted foil

  1. intermediate floor or roof
  2. metal framef suspended ceiling or joists / battens width instalation
  3. foil faced instalation (PIR)
  4. vapour control layer (500G polythene)
  5. red snake heating foil
  6. plasterboard celing

Timber or laminate floor finish

  1. solid / engineered timber or laminate flooring
  2. vapour control layer (500G polythene)
  3. red snake heating foil
  4. insulated, heat reflective underlay
  5. timber / screed base

Tiled floor finish

  1. floor tiles on
  2. tile adhesive
  3. floating screed
  4. vapour control layer (500G polythene)
  5. red snake heating foil
  6. insulated, heat reflective underlay
  7. flooring grade eps / pir insulation
  8. base